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December 2017


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Hosts: Joan Willshire, Nick Wilkie
Recorded: 11/08/17

On this program:
Mark Hughes & Nick Wilkie - 20th Anniversary Celebration
Mark and Nick look back at some of the highlights of the 20 years Disability Viewpoints has been on the air. This star studded segment features video clips of past shows.

Nick Wilkie - Civic Engagement Leadership Program
Tiffany Ostrom, from the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, provides Nick with details about this exciting new program.

November 2017


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Hosts: Joan Willshire, Nick Wilkie
Recorded: 10/11/17

On this program:
Mark Hughes - MNCCD Health & Wellness Conference
Mark interviews the many valuable services for people with disabilities represented at the conference.

Joan Willshire & Nick Wilkie - Disability Rap
Joan and Nick review current events that affect people with disabilities.

October 2017


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nikki Villavicencio
Recorded: 9/13/17

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Using Technology as a Caregiver
Barb Turner and Drew Henry from ARRM provide useful ideas for using new technology to aid in helping those who rely on caregivers.

Nikki Villavicencio - Immigration and Disability
Nikki welcomes ThaoXiong, who gives advice about organizations that help immigrants with disabilities.

Nikki Villavicencio - Diversity and Disability
Nikki continues with Brittanie Wilson, who gives her perspective about growing up with a mixed heritage family while being disabled.