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July 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Joan Willshire
Recorded: 6/13/2018

On this program:
Mark Hughes – Review 2018 Legislative Session

Guests: Jeff Bangsberg, Advocate; Alicia Munson, Public Policy Director, Arc Greater Twin Cities; Joan Willshire, Executive Director, MN Council on Disability

Mark and his guests discuss the outcomes of the 2018 legislative session and steps for next year.

Joan Willshire - News series about people disabiities
Guest: Chris Serres, Reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Joan and Chris discuss how he decided to write the article on people with disabilities and employment

June 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nick Willkiie



Susan Sochaki - MN Microgrant Parntnership

Josh Schultze - Microgrant recipient

Tiffany Ostrom - Civic Engagement Program Coordinator

May 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nikki Villavicencio
Recorded: 4/11/2018

On this program:
Mark Hughes – May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Guest: Monica Handlos, Clinical Social Worker, Pediatric Home Service
Monica Handlos and Mark discuss mental health services for youth and families and why it’s important to provide mental and emotional supports, in addition to provide support for physical health.

Nikki Villavicencio – Accessibility of State Parks
Guest: Erica Schmiel, Legislative Coordinator, MN Council on Disability
Erica and Nikki talk about the need for accessibility in state parks and the proposal the MN State Council on Disability brought to the MN Legislator.