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November 2013

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Mike Chevrette
Recorded: 10-21-2013

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Minnesota State Council on Disability Viewpoints 40th Anniversary
Joan Willshire, Executive Director of MNSCOD, joins Mark as they remember key moments since 1973, when the council was formed to advise legislators about disability related issues. 

Mike Chevrette - Mall of America Accessibility Tour
Co-Host Mike Chevrette takes us on a tour of one of the nation's most popular destinations. John Wullwold from Sea Life Aquarium, Bridget Ulrich from Theatre's at MOA, and Lauren Scherf from Nickelodeon Universe, talk to Mike about the many accessibility features that the Mall of America offers.

Mark HughesMNSCOD Anniversary Special Segment
On April 25, 2013 a rally was held at the state Capitol to recognize individuals with disabilities. Joan Willshire talked with Mark about the impact of the new state budget.

October 2013

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Imani Cruzen
Recorded: 09-16-2013

On this program:
Mark Hughes - ReelAbilities Film Festival
Dan Reed from Partnership Resource introduces guests Stacey Dinner-Leven, play writer. Michael Levin, actor, Marisa Bingham, actress, and Julie St. Marie, Executive Sponsor for Include. They discuss with Mark this groundbreaking film festival featuring many voices from the Disability Community. 

Imani Cruzen - Youth Legacy Foundation
Co-host Imani Cruzen talks about the Youth Legacy Foundation and welcomes Kimberly Guertin and Brian Renfroe, two self-advocates who talk about the exciting prospects for youths.