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June 2016


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nick Wilkie
Recorded: 05-16-2016

On this program:
Mark Hughes - MNCCD 
Mark welcomes Dr. Sheryl Grassie, Managing Director of MNCCD. She recaps advocacy efforts for people with disabilities in the legislature.

Nick Wilkie - Self Advocacy
Nick hosts a roundtable discussion about the importance of self advocacy with Mary Kay Kennedy, Executive Director of Advocating Change Together, Lynn Krupp, Advocating Change Together Board Member, and Moses Timah, an Olmsted Academy Ally.

May 2016


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Jaon Willshire
Recorded: 04-18-2016

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Resiliency 
Motivational Speaker Steve Beseke talks to Mark about how resiliency has helped him overcome his disability.

Joan Willshire - Autonomous Transportation - Capabilities
Disability Advocates Eric Schnell, Tim Schnell, and Kjensmo Walker, introduce Joan to the latest advances in autonomous transportation.

Joan Willshire - Autonomous Transportation - Capabilities
Leili Fatehi, Attorney and PR Consultant, joins Eric Schnell and Joan to explain new legislation that provides people with disabilities better access to this new technology.

April 2016

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nikki Villavicencio
Recorded: 03-21-2016

On this program:
Mark Hughes - ARC Greater Twin Cities
Mitch Gunderson-Palmer, Programs & Services Supervisor, gives some insight into services offered by ARC. Later, Kari Thayer, Sales Associate talks about her experience with ARC.

Nikki VillavicencioZ Puppets - Kid City Program
Nikki welcomes Chris Griffith and Shari Aronson from Z Puppets to talk about an exciting program called Kid City.

Legislative Update - Legislative Kickoff
Highlights from the big MNCCD event, previewing the coming Legislative Session, and honoring the participants.