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March 2017

Host: Mark Hughes
Recorded: 2/08/2017

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Caregiver Employment Shortage
Mark hosts a forum on a growing crisis with finding enough caregivers. Panel guests are: Chris Serres from Star Tribune, Drew Henry from ARRM, Pam Gonella from Best Life Alliance, Mike Gude from ARC MN, and Jeff Bangsberg, Advocate.  

Legislative Update
Mike Gude, director of ARC MN, provides an update on the latest efforts at the capitol. 

Mark Hughes - Local Media Coverage
Mark welcomes Chris Serres, award-winning reporter from the Star Tribune, to talk about his efforts to address outstanding issues in the Disability community.

February 2017

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nick Wilkie
Recorded: 1/11/2017

On this program:
Mark Hughes - DEED
Mark welcomes Kim Peck, Director of Vocational Rehabilitation Services at the Dept. of Employment and Economic Development, to talk about services available for people with disabilities.  

Nick Wilkie - MCIL
Jenni Schwartz, WIDA Team Lead, talks about her role at the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. 

Legislative Update
Dr. Sheryl Grassie, Executive Director of MNCCD, provides the top efforts for the upcoming legislative session.

January 2017

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Joan Willshire
Recorded: 12/14/2016

On this program:
Mark Hughes - CLT Program
Mark welcomes Juanita Appleton and Kirsta Graf to talk about the CLT program at Shoreview that helps students with disabilities.  

Joan Willshire - Movie Review
Joan is joined by Margot Imdieke Cross and Stephanie Cunningham to review the movie "Me Before You"