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September 2016

Host: Mark Hughes

Recorded: 08-15-2016

On this program:

Mark Hughes - Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson from ARRM, looks back on legacy.

Nick Wilkie - US Bank Stadium 

A tour of disability features at US Bank Stadium




August 2016

Host: Mark Hughes

Recorded: 07-18-2016

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Zafzum Visual Arts
Char Coal, from the innovative new Zagzum, tells Mark about all its all-abilities arts programs.

Mark Hughes - Disability Parking 
Margo Imdieke Cross, Accessibility Specialist, brings us important information involving new disability parking requirements.

Imani Cruzen 
Imani is joined by Senator Barb Goodwin and Brian Renfroe to discuss the timely topic of mental illness and suicide.

July 2016


Host: Mark Hughes
Recorded: 06-20-2016

On this program:
Mark Hughes - ADA Celebration
Margo Imdieke Cross fills Mark in on the exciting events coming up for the ADA celebration on 7/26 at the MN History Center.

Mark Hughes - Legislative Session Wrap-up
Mark welcomes Anne Henry, Susie Schatz, Joan Willshire, and Pam Gonnella to review the issues important to the people with disability community and what happened with their efforts in the recent legislative session.