Jordan webJordan Lee Thompson
Youth Media Coordinator
651-792-7531 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jordan Lee Thompson is an art worker and educator who has been working with digital media production since he was 12 years old—starting with stop-motion Lego animations, through a period of recording angsty folk-rock in high school, to creating obscure projection-performance art in college. Jordan now works in a variety of mediums including performance, installation, video production, projection, drawing, animation and other new media to combine his passions of participatory art, microsociology and speculative storytelling. Jordan spends his days at CTV North Suburbs where he directs the Youth Media Department, helping teens write, produce and distribute their own short films and animations, and serves as the Project Manager for Mizna's Arab Film Festival and Tour. Recently, Jordan has also worked with organizations including James Sewell Ballet, the Minneapolis Television Network, and the Twin Cities Media Alliance. You can read about his teaching philosophy here: Jordan holds a BFA in Painting, a BA in Art History and Arts Management, and a certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Iowa. When he leaves the station, Jordan can be found taking in the Twin-Cities' amazing and affordable music, theatre and food offerings.

Jared webJared Wiedmeyer
CTEP AmeriCorps Youth Media Assistant Coordinator
651-792-7528 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jared Wiedmeyer is in his second year of service with CTEP and his first at CTV North Suburbs. Jared became interested (obsessed?) with film his freshman year of college at the University of Minnesota, where he majored in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture and minored in Art. He loves to write and will put pen to paper for anything from a film to a short story to an essay on the metaphysics of the alphabet. He also owns his own production company, Breathing Frames Productions, and his films have been screened in the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival and The Mespies.  When not at CTV, he can be found watching a foreign film from the 70s, or reading a book covering one of the many topics he loves to learn about, such as philosophy, critical theory, psychology, film theory, or 20th century history.   

Solea web

Solea' Price
Right Track Youth Media Productions Assistant, Summer 2018
Right Track Youth Media Productions Assistant, Academic Year 2017-18
Right Track Teen Production Assistant, Summer 2017

Solea’ Price is going into her Senior year in High School this August. She is currently attending PSEO classes to finish off her high school diploma while earning college credits. This will be her second year at CTV, and her second time working as a summer intern. She spends the majority of her days doing homework, listening to music, binging Netflix and reading—mainly graphic and fiction novels as well as manga. Solea' enjoys creating, and any sort of hands-on artwork interests her. When she was younger, she would help her parents with marketing, promotional videos, and managing events. Over the summer, Solea’ is excited to finish her trainings with CTV, and be able to apply that new knowledge to more things in her life. She wishes to further explore photo and videography, and use that information to dive deeper into the world of graphic design, marketing, and promos in an effort to further bridge those aspects.

Adar web

Adar Makhtal
Right Track Youth Media Productions Assistant, Summer 2018
Right Track Youth Media Productions Assistant, Academic Year 2017-18

Adar Makhtal is a Right Track worker at CTV. She helps with script-writing, research, and various other aspects of film production. She is 16 years old, and when not working she likes to read and make artwork. She is particularly into the visual arts—anything with paint, tiles, or charcoal. She loves to read all kinds of books and listens to audiobooks as well.

Right Track Youth Media Productions Assistant, Summer 2018

Susanna Petric is 15 years old and is going into her sophomore year of high school. She loves playing all sorts of sports, reading a large variety of book genres, playing her violin, speaking french, and trying out new things. She just started working at CTV at the start of this summer, and she is looking to utilize this experience to further her knowledge of the real world and of this field of work.


YeeYee Choua
Right Track Youth Media Productions Assistant, Summer 2018

Yee Choua Thao hopes to learn more about filming and editing—she says it reminds her of one of her favorite classes. She is going into her first year of high school in the fall. In her free time she likes to do a variety of activities including drawing, painting, dancing, singing, or experimenting with new mediums and basically anything art-related. She also enjoys writing, reading, and playing the guitar—"maybe I’ll be able to buy my very own this summer with this job!"


ULEAD Youth Media Productions Assistant, Summer 2018

Heaven Walters is sixteen years old and goes to Roseville Area High School. She loves to sing and has been singing since the age of four. She loves playing volleyball too. Heaven is excited to learn more about cameras and record new things, trying out new techniques along the way. On her individual project she wants to make something speaking up about mental health and being bullied.


ULEAD Youth Media Productions Assistant, Summer 2018

Linda Xiong is an upcoming high school senior at Perpich Center for Arts Education this fall. She is a big dreamer and is on the pursuit of capturing that dream. At a young age, Linda started singing as a hobby and along the way she realized that it was her deepest passion. Other than singing, she enjoys playing volleyball, watching and making Youtube videos, and anything else that allows her creative energy to flow. As a first year summer teen staff member at CTV she hopes to gain knowledge that she can apply to her own content and in everyday settings. 




Crystal Thigpen
Right Track Media Marketing Assistant, Summer 2017
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2016

Crystal Thigpen is currently attending Washington Technology Magnet school and loves to read and dance. In 2016 she was a summer intern at CTV North Suburbs as a Right Track Production Assistant. Throughout her middle school years and freshman year she joined many different clubs like Step, Piano, Cheerleading and played in musicals and more performances like Hello Dolly and Singing In The Rain. Crystal became interested in film and theater when she was really young. She wanted to learn and explore more about it so she signed up for her first play when she was in fifth grade. She has been trying new things and taking every opportunity she can to get more involved in theater and film ever since. Now she is currently a Right Track Media Marketing Assistant for the summer at CTV.


Jeron Lau
Youth Media Production Assistant, Summer 2017

Jeron Lau is an artist who likes to use all mediums for creating art and media. He is a trombone player who composes music, usually instrumental, but sometimes with vocals. He also likes creating graphics for his computer science projects. Since he has bought a camera, he has started a YouTube channel and has made some weird abstract videos. He enjoys coming up with stories, and either writing them down, turning them into videos or making them into plays. In his free time he writes code and enjoys nature.


KatKat St. Martin-Norburg
Youth Media Production Assistant, Summer 2016 and 2017
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2015

Kat St. Martin-Norburg has been a CTV intern since the summer before her Freshman year of high school. Currently, she attends St. Paul Academy and Summit School (SPA). She has created two short documentaries, Cellists of Minnesota and The Third Place, and is working on her third. While not interning at CTV, the History Center, or on various political campaigns, she enjoys taking photographs and reading.

Titi new

Titi Yusuf
Youth Media Production Assistant, Summer 2017
Right Track Media Marketing Assistant, Academic year 2016-2017

Hello! My name is Titi. I am a senior in High school, who will be attending college right after. I am a very creative person and also a team player. I love listening to other people's ideas and thinking of a way to combine them into one, so that everyone is satisfied. I have a lot of past experience in the media, this includes anything from making videos to making websites and so much more!

Diamond webDiamond Thigpen
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2016 

Diamond assisted with the following productions during Summer 2016:
Cultural Diversity (Producer)
Interview with Crystal Pope (Actor)


Isaiah web

Isaiah Commodore
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2016

Isaiah assisted with the following productions during Summer 2016:
Bloopers - Summers @ the Station 2016 (Co-producer)
Cultural Diversity (Actor)
Roma Invicta Earth (Co-writer, Actor)
Teen Studio Class: Soob-Whey (Co-writer)
Two Friends (Actor)

Jim web

Jim Belden
Production Assistant, Summer 2016

Jim assisted with the following productions during Summer 2016:
Cultural Diversity (Actor)
I'm Happy (Co-producer, Editor)
Roma Invicta Earth (Co-writer, Actor)
Two Friends (Producer)

Misha web

Misha Ardichvilli
Production Assistant, Summer 2015 & Summer 2016

Michael Alexander Ardichvili was born in St. Paul, MN in 1997. Moving to Illinois at the paltry age of two, Michael (who goes by Misha) began to discover films and imagine he was creating them in his mind using toys. Moving back to Minnesota at the age of 6, Misha spent his childhood expanding his creative mind and playing games with his friends. By the time he was 9, he established a business called Kazmo, where he created magazines, books, games and most importantly, movies. As years would go by, Misha shifted all of his attention to film-making. Creating low-quality films with his friends and making stop-motion animation, Misha never stopped producing movies. Now, a senior in high school, Misha spends his time film-making at CTV, with the Mounds View Film Club (which he established) and, of course, with friends for fun. He plans to move away from the Twin Cities and make film-making his long-term career.

Natalie web

Natalie Mendoza
Right Track Media Marketing Assistant, Summer 2016

Natalie assisted with the following productions during Summer 2016:
Bloopers - Summers @ the Station 2016 (Co-producer)
Cultural Diversity (Actor)



Margaret-Ann Thompson
Right Track Marketing Communications Assistant, Academic Year 2015-16

Margaret is 15 and currently attends St Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts (SPCPA). She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Minnesota at the age of seven. She is currently in 10th grade and hates algebra, but loves to sing and dance. When she's not at school Margaret likes to read, listen to music, listen to audiobooks, and watch Netflix/Hulu.


ViennaLorVienna Lor
Right Track Production Assistant, Spring 2016

Vienna is a High School student in East Side St.Paul. She enjoys Chemistry because of the challenges it gives her. She enjoys getting involved with her school, such as playing sports and joining clubs. During her free time she loves hanging out with her friends and making everyone she surrounds herself with happy.



Djalna Twaha
Right Track Production Assistant, Fall 2015

Djalna Twaha was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her family moved to Minnesota when she was 8. Her interest in video production began after taking Technical Video Production and IB Film at her high school. In Video Production she learned how to use Adobe Premiere for editing. In her film class she learned the process of film (pre-production, production, and post-production). She is currently a senior at Harding High School.



Amethyst (Amy) O'Connell
Senior Production Assistant, Summer 2014 & Summer 2015

Amy O'Connell is the senior production assistant intern. She has been a volunteer at CTV for 4 years and will be celebrating her 5 year anniversary as a CTV volunteer in late August. She was also a production assistant intern last year. In her spare time Amy is a mentor of the FireBears robotics team and does graphic design stuff. She will be doing PSEO next year starting as a freshman at Saint Paul College.



TJ Anthony
Production Assistant, Summer 2015

TJ Anthony is a new intern but not new to CTV. He has volunteered over the school year with CTV. He was born and raised in Minneapolis for 10 years. In his fourth and fifth grade school years, he did an after-school engineering program called “GISE” (Guys In Science and Engineering). For his fourth and fifth grade summer, he went to a university where he was taught more about robotics, science, video production, and engineering. Right before his 6th grade year started, he moved to Arizona. There, he found his passion for camera work doing youtube videos. Even after her moved back to Minnesota he still continued video making for the rest of his 6th grade year. He stopped making youtube videos and found a passion for acting, singing, and dancing. So he then started getting involved in theatre in his seventh and eighth grade year. So really this all led to being more involved in the art of filmmaking.


Jia Vang
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2015

Jia Vang is the oldest daughter of an immigrant family, who have lived and grown up in Minnesota for almost 11 years now. She also graduated from Saint Paul Central High School in the summer of 2015 and will be continuing her education in college at College of Saint Benedict's. While in high school, she was involved in many after activities and one of the after school activities that she was most involved in was The Central Chinese Cultural Club where she was the Vice President for about 2 years. Last summer, she was apart of Penumbra Theatre Summer Institute, where she learned to work with other students and created an ensemble performance with her fellow peers about “Art for Social Change” and letting the public witnessing their bravery and welcoming their leadership. While working at CTV through Right Track “I hope to gain more knowledge of how it’s like being the one behind and in front of the cameras creating a story and compare that with being on stage in front of hundreds of people. Learning different ways of productions for future use.”


Razeqa Aliyi
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2015

Razeqa Aliyi is a student at central High School going into her junior year who grew up in Oromia, Ethiopia. She was raised by her grandmother for 11 years who lives in Ethiopia. She became interested in photography because of her uncle, Omar who is a photographer. Recently, In the youth Leadership Initiative program, she took pictures of homeless people to create awareness through photography. Razeqa decided to apply to CTV because she wants to learn about the editing and making videos. In her free time, she listens to country, Kpop, and PBR&B music. She also enjoys watching Korean drama and having fun with her family and friends.


Tennessee Wacek
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2015

Tennessee Wacek was born and raised in the fine city of St.Paul MN, despite the common belief of actually being from Tennessee. In the coming school year she will be attending Central High School. Outside of school she enjoys playing volleyball, reading, listening to music, trying new things, having fun with family and hanging out with her Irish dancer friends. Added to her list of things she does Tennessee has added being an intern at CTV through Right Track. What Tennessee said she’s looking forward to the most while working with CTV is getting to learn about the video making process and everything that goes along with it. She hopes that these skills will help her out in future projects and challenges that she may face. 


Andrew Mangan
Right Track Production Assistant, Academic Year 2014-15

Andrew Lee-Mangan is one of the new CTV teen interns. Two years ago, He volunteered with CreaTV here at CTV. Now, he's a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter and actor, and one of two new teen interns through Right Track. Andrew is from St. Paul, MN, and attends the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. He says going to SPCPA has given him a whole new perspective on art, and on the way we make it. "You have to be able to think on your feet to be a good actor, after all." What initially attracted him to video production was a project in a class called “Aesthetics,” where he had to storyboard, write, direct, shoot, and edit a short film about his life. It inspired him to continue making films (what he believes to be one of the most potent ways to present a message). Andrew hopes to combine his training as an artist with the layered medium of film to make great art.

PaxouaVangPaxoua Vang
Right Track Production Assistant, Academic Year 2014-15

Paxoua Vang grew up in St. Paul, MN and was raised in North Carolina for a few months. She is currently a student at Johnson Sr. High and is involve in school and in her community. At Johnson, she is part of National Honor Society, Link Crew, Theater, St. Paul Genius Squad, and The Real World Design Challenge team. Outside of school she volunteers at Lyngblomsten on Sundays and has an internship with CTV through Right Track. When asked “What do you enjoy most when working with CTV?” She answered, “What I like most about working with CTV is getting the opportunity to learn about video making and the hands on experience and training you learn as an intern. You get to learn new things that you never thought you will learn and share them in group discussions or even make a video out of it. As an intern, I hope to learn new skills that I can use out in the real world." 

Cassandra webCassandra Bauer
Production Assistant, Summer 2013 & Summer 2014

I first heard about CTV through my favorite teacher. Therefore, I decided to check it out and started in the CreaTV program fall 2012 and I have been here ever since. It is absolutely amazing here at CTV I am learning so much about media and how to make it. My favorite activities on the job include operating the cameras and editing footage. The crew is awesome and I love working with all of them. We are a talented bunch! Anyone who loves to learn about media, get involved with others, and just have fun would love it here!

Above all, when I was younger I had dreams of pursuing a career in movie making. I love the idea of screenwriting and directing movies that millions would watch. That dream was always pushed aside until I was given an opportunity to light the fire of movie making back up through CTV. Meanwhile, I have used my talents in precison, perfection, and organization to create projects and logos for our teen programs. I love using Photoshop and Final Cut Pro editing software constantly. My other personal side interests include Xbox360 and The Walking Dead and I think that says it all!

Kayode web

Kayode Ajao
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2014

Skating is life that is why I like working at CTV so I can get better taking videos. I love to be out side all day over the summer I bike, skate and play baseball in my free time. I had a great experience at CTV North Suburbs. I love working there as an intern. I learned a lot about video production and editing.


Cecil web

Cecil Neal
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2014

I’m a 9th grader at S.P.C.P.A (Saint Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts) where I’m taking the dance track. I love to dance and especially popping. I have enjoyed my time here at CTV North Suburbs. I have also learned numerous things here at my job, such as: editing, tripod leveling, setting up a camera correctly, white balancing, B-roll, how to eject an hard drive, and much more. I had an a great time going to GGAL. I also had a great time at the softball truck shoot. I had a great experience here at CTV and I would do it again.

Jack web

Jack Fusco
Right Track Production Assistant, Summer 2014

My experience at CTV North Suburbs has been great, and I have learned a lot. First I got camera trained and that was pretty easy. Then I learned how to work Final Cut Pro and that was a little bit harder. This summer has been really fun all around and I am glad I got this experience and I hope to come back next year. I want to thank my fellow interns, Jordan, and all the rest of the CTV staff.


Marta web

Marta Vander Top
Production Assistant, Summer 2013

I’ve been involved with CTV since November 2012, and I’m so excited to be spending even more time with them this summer. One of my favorite parts of working at CTV is being able to coil cables. It sounds silly, but I love tearing down after a great day of work! I also love being able to see what my coworkers and other peers are creating! I love just about everything about media. I love making it, I love watching it . . . I love it all! This summer I am very excited for the various projects that will be made by CTV Teens, especially in the Open Studio! It’s a chance to not only learn more about how a TV program is produced, but also a chance to explore your passions and communicate it to a large audience! I encourage anyone who is even slightly interested to come and check it out!

Max web

Max Landy
Youth Job Corps Production Assistant, Summer 2013

At CTV you’re trusted to work your fill each week which means coming on shoots, doing studio work and making your video. So far this summer I’ve done a few things I’ve never done before. One of the larger ones was shooting Les Miserables. This was my first time shooting a play, and my first time watching that play. Another thing that stood out to me was shadowing CTV’s news broadcast The North Suburban Beat. This was my first time seeing what it was like behind the camera during a news broadcast. It wasn’t live and it wasn’t nearly as big as CNN’s but it was still a pretty great experience.

Meng web

Meng Her
Youth Job Corps Production Assistant, Summer 2013

I’m an intern here for the summer and wow I’m enjoying every moment here. There’s so much to do here from recording videos, editing, learning new technology, and having an excellent time. The part I love about my job is that I get to interact with very kind people here. They can help you with everything and then later on you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Coming to work everyday just gets me all excited. There’s just so much to learn and do. I love how CTV is local and interactive with the community.

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