CTV Channels on CenturyLink

Channel PositionBanner InfoCall Letters
15 CTV North Suburbs CTV
8011 CTV Arden Hills CTVAH
8012 CTV Falcon Heights CTVFH
8013 CTV Lauderdale CTVLD
8014 CTV Sports CTVSPORT
8015 CTV Community CTVLOCAL
8016 CTV Roseville CTVRV
8017 CTV Little Canada CTVLC
8018 Roseville Area Schools CTV623
8020 Mounds View Public Schools CTV621
8022 CTV Mounds View CTVMV
8023 CTV New Brighton CTVNB
8024 CTV North Oaks CTVNO
8025 CTV St. Anthony CTVSA
8515 CTV HD Showcase CTVHD


Download Help

Downloads are not available for purchase on mobile devices.

You are only able to download the file one time per purchase. 

Resources for playing back your video on a desktop or laptop computer:
The downloaded videos are in the .mp4 file format.
The file will probably be found in your “Downloads” folder, unless you specified a different location.

On a Mac:
How to use Quicktime Player https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201066
If QuickTime Player can‘t open an audio or video file https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201290

On Windows:
Windows Media Player 12 supports .mp4
File types supported by Windows Media Player


If you have problems with your download, please email

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