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August 2017


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Imani Cruzen
Recorded: 7/12/2017

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Making Documents Accessible
Jay Whyant, Chief Information Officer with the State of Minnesota gives tips about making documents compliant with state accessibility regulations.

Imani Cruzen - Language and Disability 

Advocate Bridget Siljander gives some perspective about how to learn to live independently with a disability on a low income.

Mark Hughes - ESPY Award Winner

Mark congratulates Abel Mehari on receiving the ESPY award for Special Olympic athletes.

July 2017

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Imani Cruzen
Recorded: 6/14/2017

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Legislative Session Wrap-Up
Steve Larson of ARC of MN, and Bill Amberg of Amberg Law Center join Mark to discuss what was accomplished during the most recent Legislative Session.  

Imani Cruzen - Language and Disability
Imani welcomes Hope Hoffman to explore how certain words affect people with disabilities.  

June 2017

Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Nikki Villavicencio
Recorded: 5/10/2017

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Stop For Me Campaign
Jeremy Ellison, St. Paul Police, and Jim Thayer, Mayor's Advisory Council for People with Disabilities, join Mark to urge drivers to pay extra attention at crosswalks for pedestrians, especially people with disabilities.  

Nikki Villavicencio - Gillette Childrens Hospital
Nikki welcomes Hayden Zeleny, patient at Gillette, and Dennis Jolley, Vice president at Gillette, to celebrate the success of the Children's hospital over the years.  

Legislative Update
Bill Amberg from MNCCD, provides the latest on their efforts at the Minnesota state capitol.