CTV provides access to a wide variety of classes and workshops for volunteers. With proper training and certification, volunteers have unique access to professional video equipment free of charge. Areas of production and equipment include an in-house studio, video production equipment, editing suites, and high-end production trucks. Volunteers may take the classes they want to reach their specific production goals.

Advanced Camera & Directing

9 City Resident?

*Please email us at  for more information.  These classes are scheduled by demand only.

Prerequisite: Studio or Truck Production 

Five 3-hour sessions

The first two sessions are for those who have learned basic camera operation and want to know more about improving their camera skills. Topics include static and improving their camera skills. Topics include static and dynamic composition for television, practical terminology, techniques and camera movement. Emphasis is on practical applications, including coverage of various sporting events, as well a musical events and studio shoots. Class includes demos and exercises. Some time will be devoted to covering the basics of direction multiple-camera shoots.

Sessions three, four and five cover more advanced directing techniques for studio and truck productions. Students will get the opportunity to improve their directing skills, and will learn the essential aspects to help produce a successful live or live-to-tape production. Class inlcudes demos and hands-on training with the video switcher.

Fee: $40 residents/$55 non-residents (Minimum: 4 students)


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