CTV provides access to a wide variety of classes and workshops for volunteers. With proper training and certification, volunteers have unique access to professional video equipment free of charge. Areas of production and equipment include an in-house studio, video production equipment, editing suites, and high-end production trucks. Volunteers may take the classes they want to reach their specific production goals.


$10.00 EACH

*Please email us at  for more information.  These classes are scheduled by demand only.

Prerequisite: Truck Production or Basic Truck 

One 3-hour session

This class is required in order to utilize or assist with using scaffolding equipment for truck productions. Topics covered include setup, safety, rules for uses, tear down and storage of CTV scaffolding. Students will get hands-on experience unpacking the trailer and setting up the scaffolding in a variety of acceptable and safe configurations.

Fee: $10 residents or non-residents